Analytics and Consulting


It can be very valuable to have an objective set of eyes looking over your financials with you the business owner.  We can assist you in understanding your financial position and reading your reports.  We look in detail at various reports and ask questions designed to get you thinking about your business processes, systems and performance.  As part of this process you will receive insight into the real position of the business and where you want it to head.

Budgeting is an important tool for any business, regardless of size. BYO Group has the ability to create multiple budgets for different scenarios, which you can then compare to actual financial reports.  This is invaluable information that will assist you in making business decisions.

Business analysis allows you to drill into customer patterns, seasonal trends and real costs, both direct and variable.  

BYO Group’s experienced BAS agent consultants will work with you to conduct a quarterly, half yearly or annual review of your business. 

  • Assess your current business systems and processes—are they efficient and profitable?
  • Understand how to read and analyse your own reports
  • Set business goals and aspirations
  • Capture important data in Xero and integrated business systems for future reporting and detail
  • Work with a professional for objective and clear insight into your business
  • Identify where you might benefit from being connected with an expert in another field, such as marketing, CRM or legal services and recommend trusted professionals.


The ongoing support from BYO books has just been fantastic. Diane and her team is extremely responsive and reliably intuitive to my needs, demonstrating their commitment to great customer service and their superior knowledge base on bookkeeping issues and how to use Xero to full advantage.

I have no hesitation in recommending Diane and her team at BYO Books to any business needing a responsive and reliable bookkeeping service.

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We were using a manual Excel system of record keeping prior to working with BYO Books. Diane made the transition to Xero as seamless as possible without too much stress or work from me.  We now use Receipt Bank and she manages everything remotely. Our records are always up to date and I can request any report I like and she usually sends it within a couple of hours. The service level is excellent and we are always compliant with all tax and employer  obligations. I only wish I had made the change to BYO Books years ago as I now have more time to run my business rather than being the bookkeeper for it.

Pure Distillery Company – Dean Lucas

After many years of unreliable reactive bookkeeping we were thrilled to find Diane McCaffrey and her team at BYO Bookkeeping Services. Diane assisted us in developing a systemised, time efficient and proactive bookkeeping system for our small business. I find Diane and her team to be highly professional and efficient and a true pleasure to work with. And she is a great bookkeeper: diligent and detail oriented, down to the last penny. Diane continues to be an integral part of our success and we truly value and are grateful for our association with her.

Eat Play Thrive – Vicky Kuriel