Business Advisory


Business Advisory

With years of business & financial experience, BYO works to relieve business owners' worries, by liaising with consultants & building a team to foster your growth.

Our Advisory WHY
As a business owner, you can be expected to be an expert in your field, as well as know all there is about business and management. We are the helping hand that guides you through business with personalised coaching. 

Our business advisory division works with you on your business so you can return to doing what you love.

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Business Owner and Advisory Manager Welcoming and Ready to Help you with Your Business

We are here to help YOU

We work with business owners to help them discover their goals and then map the pathway to reach them. There are 3 key questions we answer as we engage in your business:

  • What are your business drivers?
    What will make or break your business success?
    E.g. Customers, Distributors, Profitability, Growth, Working Capital, Key Person Risk.

  • How well do you perceive your tracking with them?
    Are you on the road to success?
    E.g. Sales are going up, Employees are happy, Cash is in the bank.

  • Do you actually report & track them?
    Let’s measure & manage your business.
    E.g. Review financial reports, Build non-financial reports, Staff Turnover, Working Capital Assessment, Client & Staff satisfaction.

Together we set milestones, measure business drivers and identify areas for optimisation. Our services are tailored to what you need. Contact our advisors today to see how we can best help you.

Examples of projects we can help you with:

  • Virtual CFO Services
    Companion in the Boardroom, Board of Management Meetings, Financial & Literacy Training
  • Management Reporting
    Budget & Cashflow Management, Job Costing, Periodic Reporting and Industry Analysis
  • Operations Management
    Workflow Mapping, Organisational Structure, Internal Efficiency Optimisation, Integrated Management Systems
  • Strategy
    Culture & Value Proposition, Workshops, Building Value, Exit Strategy

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The ongoing support from BYO books has just been fantastic. Diane and her team is extremely responsive and reliably intuitive to my needs, demonstrating their commitment to great customer service and their superior knowledge base on bookkeeping issues and how to use Xero to full advantage.

I have no hesitation in recommending Diane and her team at BYO Books to any business needing a responsive and reliable bookkeeping service.

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We were using a manual Excel system of record keeping prior to working with BYO Books. Diane made the transition to Xero as seamless as possible without too much stress or work from me.  We now use Receipt Bank and she manages everything remotely. Our records are always up to date and I can request any report I like and she usually sends it within a couple of hours. The service level is excellent and we are always compliant with all tax and employer  obligations. I only wish I had made the change to BYO Books years ago as I now have more time to run my business rather than being the bookkeeper for it.

Pure Distillery Company – Dean Lucas

After many years of unreliable reactive bookkeeping we were thrilled to find Diane McCaffrey and her team at BYO Bookkeeping Services. Diane assisted us in developing a systemised, time efficient and proactive bookkeeping system for our small business. I find Diane and her team to be highly professional and efficient and a true pleasure to work with. And she is a great bookkeeper: diligent and detail oriented, down to the last penny. Diane continues to be an integral part of our success and we truly value and are grateful for our association with her.

Eat Play Thrive – Vicky Kuriel