5 tips on promoting workplace well-being during lockdown

As we embark on yet another lockdown in Victoria, we reflect on the bigger picture of being a business owner and being responsible for our team’s wellbeing.
At BYO be believe in T.E.A.M, where Together Everyone Achieves More,  this becomes more evident in times like this.
Here are some measures we have put in place to create a place of wellbeing, belonging, and teamwork:
1.Friday Wellness: Since April 2020 we have engaged with Vicky and Joe Kuriel from Eat, Play, Thrive to run a virtual program for our team.  At first it was just for the initial lockdown, however, we find it hard not to continue as we continually receive new information each week. Vicky being a dietician and Joe is a chiropractor and PT, together they have many years of experience in wellness and movement.  The sessions over this time have proven to be the perfect investment. Here are some testimonials from our team
Diane Taking Part in the Eat Play Thrive lockdown program, we have learned about the many facets of nutrition, sleep, water, posture, exercise, movement, goal setting, and many more. This program has increased staff productivity and engagement. We have found it to be the perfect module for our team to become the best version of themselves.
Charlotte Vicky and Jo from Eat Play Thrive are just amazing. For the last year or so they have been motivating our whole team to be the best version of themselves, especially during Covid Lockdowns. Together they cover everything from head to toe and everything in between.
Mie I always look forward to our Friday well-being session with Vicky and Joe of Eat, Play, and Thrive. Their knowledge and sharing of health and nutritional nuggets have assisted me greatly in trying to lead a health-conscious lifestyle. I have also taken her advice on eating real food as gold as it helps me to plan real meals for my family and in turn, help with their health as well. I would highly recommend Vicky as a nutritional or health consultant.
Quinie Since I have joined EPT sessions with Vicky and Joe, I have been very aware of my overall health and wellness. I have learned more about how to understand how the body works and how it affects all aspects of my everyday life. It is an eye-opener for a person like me that has now been stuck at home during the pandemic on how NOT to neglect simple things that creates a large impact on my daily routine.
Ruby Eat Play Thrive motivated me to be fit and healthy. Since joining the EPT sessions, I became more mindful of what I eat and I started working out again. I am always looking forward to our Friday sessions as I know that I will learn a lot with the different topics that they share during the session.
Rechelle I always look forward to our Friday sessions with EPT. I am always amazed at what I learn from Vicky and Joe about health and nutrition, and each session would inspire and push me to watch what I eat and to be a healthier, better version of myself during this pandemic. Thank you Joe and Vicky! 🙂
Maikka EPT Sessions are really life-changing for me. I am more conscious about my health now than ever. Working from home is really a yes but sitting almost 8 hrs is not so good. So I want to thank Vicky and Joe for all the motivations and consciousness. They are a big impact on my health during this pandemic. A bunch of thank you!! ♥
Ana Vicky and Joe have contributed a big impact to my lifestyle on how to stay healthy and fit. I am more aware now with the do’s and dont’s regarding my eating habits, workouts and daily routine. It always excites me to learn new things from them during EPT Friday Sessions. Big thanks to Vicky and Joe! 🙂
Merry There are a lot of things that I put off doing because it scares me or I don’t know where to start. And when I started joining the Eat Play Thrive sessions with Vicky and Jo, it opened my eyes in a lot of topics, from understanding how our body works and reacts to the thing we do or eat and how I can use this information to challenge myself to go out of that “comfort zone” that I have been stuck for years. I can say with confidence that I have improved in a lot of areas and my lifestyle is definitely different than it was 6 months ago. A BIG thank you to Vicky and Jo!

If you would like more information on including these sessions for your team, please email

2. Daily CUPPA’s .  This 15-minute e-meet is scheduled for 11.45 each day, where the staff gets a cuppa and check in with each other. Our number 1 rule during the cuppa, is we are not allowed to talk about work.
3. Whacky Wednesdays. Our Wednesday CUPPAs is a fun time, we have celebrated international days as well as silly days. This is time to dress up or put on a background to let down your hair and be creative.
4. Team Challenges – We periodically have mini teams, then set up a challenge eg walking, pushups and the winning team nominate their chosen charity
5. Mindful Mondays – where we reflect on various topics as guided by the Mental Fitness Diary. No information is shared, it is an awareness session for each person to check in with themselves. ref: Mental Fitness Diary